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Pure Intonation

Pure Intonation


About Me

Am I real?
Yes somehow, otherwise,
I am not existing.
What is true?
Nothing, reality changes constandly. Where is God?
Not outside! inside? Where is inside? Where is the border between outside and inside?  I don't know. Is my body outside?
is this real? This structure of vibrating energy, that wants me to believe that he is real. I feel pain in the darkness, the prison is real. Yes, that is true! Or not?

Never mind, music tells me about all.
I am at home.
I play live for live and hope for better times.
Because: in the next moment everything can be the different.

Reality depends on your point of view.



1 High-Resolution Audio
wave - 48 khz 24 bit - lossless studio quality available

2 Positive energy, better for mental and physical health

3 Directly from the independent artists