Twelve Angels

Rilke Edition

In Prague around 1900, an alchemical transformation took place in the city of Rudolf II,

who gave birth in his laboratory on the Hradschin Gold.

Gustav Meyring was there, Franz Kafka, Rudolf Steiner .....

In this mystical environment Rainer Maria Rilke was born on December 4, 1875,

characterized by a spiritual departure, an all-embracing search.

Rilke was one of 10 people in 1891 founded theosophical Prague lodge "Zum blaue Stern".

The group, chaired by Karel Weinfurter, met regularly in a Prague café or the apartment of the writer Gustav Meyrink.

 Through magical experiments, the group attempted to reach a higher state of consciousness.

On 20.9.1899 he wrote:

"I live my life in growing rings  I live my life in growing rings, that pull over things.

Maybe I will not do the last one, but I want to try it.

I circle around God, around the ancient tower, and I circle for millennia;

and I do not know yet: I'm a hawk, a storm or a great song. "

Rilke did not seek the divine in distant transcendent skies,

but here in the material world, in magic, in nature and in the aura of everyday life,

which he knew how to describe in an inimitable language.

The angels, according to the poet, are often superior to us,

but they can not see the divine in the earthly.

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01 Eingang

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Eingang

Blüthner Grand Piano -
Fender Rhodes - Strings

Free Time - 256 HZ > 1 HZ
Root Chakra
C Major
Concert pitch A4 = 426.67 Hz
Pure Intonation
02 Der Alchimist

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Der Alchimist
Grand Piano - Vibraphone
Marimba - Choir - Drone

80 bpm - C# Minor
Concert pitch
A4 = 435.2 Hz
Pure Intonation
03 Der Wahnsinn

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Der Wahnsinn
Bass - Gitarre

93 bpm - 288 HZ > 9 HZ
Sacral Chakra
D Major
Concert pitch A4 = 432 Hz
Pure Intonation
04 Die Worte des Engels

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Die Worte des Engels
E-Piano - Hand Pan - Strings

83 bpm - 304 HZ > 19 HZ
Navel Chakra
Eb Minor
Concert pitch A4 = 427.5 Hz
Pure Intonation
05 Der blinde Knabe

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Der blinde Knabe
Fender Rhodes - Vibraphone

70 bpm - 320 HZ > 5 HZ
Solar Chakra
E Major
Concert Pitch A4 = 426.67
Pure Intonation
06 Der Letzte

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Der Letzte
Vibraphone - Guitar

90 bpm - 352 HZ > 11 HZ
Heart Chakra
F Major
Concert pitch A4 = 440 Hz
Pure Intonation
07 Das Abendmahl

Lyrics: Rainer Maria Rilke: Das Abendmahl
Vibraphone Fender Rhodes
Hohner Eletra-Piano - Hand Pan

68 bpm - 360 HZ > 45 HZ
Soul Star Chakra
F# Minor
Pure Intonation
08 Fragmente aus verlorenen Tagen

Rainer Maria Rilke: Fragmente aus verlorenen Tagen
Bells - Drone - Rako Bowl

66 bpm - 384 HZ > 3 HZ
Throat Chakra
G Minor
Concert pitch A4 = 432 Hz
Pure Intonation
09 Aus einer Sturmnacht

Rainer Maria Rilke: Aus einer Sturmnacht
Hand Pan

80 bpm - 416 HZ > 13 HZ
Causal Chakra
Ab Minor
Concert pitch A4 = 443.73 Hz
Pure Intonation
10 Der Panther

Rainer Maria Rilke: Der Panther
Drone - Guitar - Hand Pan

84 bpm - 432 HZ > 27 HZ
Third Eye Chakra
A Minor
Pure Intonation
11 Engellied

Rainer Maria Rilke: Engellieder

Blüthner Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes

448 HZ > 7 HZ
Stellar Gateway Chakra
Bb Minor / Major
Pure Intonation
12 Der Schutzengel

Rainer Maria Rilke: Der Schutzengel
Bass - Harp - Strings

80 bpm - 480 HZ > 15 HZ
Crown Chakra
B Major
Pure Intonation


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Rainer Maria Rilke - Aus einer Sturmnacht

Rainer Maria Rilke - Fragmente