Music: breath of statues. Maybe: stillness of pictures. You language where languages end. You time that stands upright on the axis along which hearts fade.

Feelings to whom? Oh, of feelings the transformation into what? - :

into audible landscape. You stranger: music. Grown from us, you heart space. Our most heart-felt, that, exceeding us, presses on outward -

holy leavetaking: as the inmost surrounds us as most practiced distance, as an other side of the air: pure, great, no longer inhabitable.

Rainer Maria Rilke - To Music


She even stands extreme weather conditions of my soul. She is the mother of my avatar.
He told me about 432 Hz and just intonation. And he build my monochord, the best in the world.
For precision work, suitable instruments are necessary. Here I found many of my tools.
Great instruments - what would my sound be without the diversity of their synthezisers?
Great audio pcs und notebooks, my zenmachines!
She translated some of the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke.
My record label