Spiritual Electronic

ambient - acoustic

alchymic frequency research

Everything vibrates

Reality depends on your point of view and on your listening position.

"The longer I live, the more urgent it seems to me to endure and transcribe the whole dictation of existence up to its end, for it might just be the case that only the very last sentence contains that small and possibly inconspicuous word through which everything we had struggled to learn and everything we had failed to understand will be transformed suddenly into magnificent sense. We make our way through Everything like thread passing through fabric: giving shape to images that we ourselves do not know." Rilke, Letters on Life, transl. U. Baier, 2005

Cosmo WelfareMy reality is my music. Although everything is changing at any time, I see a constant force that leads me through the world of frequencies. If all frequencies play at the same time, we have the absolute silence. If all light-frequencies shine at the same time, we have the absolute white light.

So I am pleased that I can share the lessons of the master spirit and can find out about the show.


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